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Black Cats in Flowers Catnip Kicker Cat Toy by Chester and Pearl

Black Cats in Flowers Catnip Kicker Cat Toy by Chester and Pearl

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These cute black cats are living life, rolling around in a beautiful flower garden, hiding behind bushes, and napping in tulips.

Your kitty will love kicking away at this irresistible toy and it's so pretty that you won't even mind seeing in laying around the house!

The durable cotton-linen canvas fabric is strong enough to endure clawed bunny kicks. This catnip toy won’t immediately fall apart when attacked by your little hunter.

Does your kitty say “meh” to catnip? This cat kicker toy is filled with a catnip and silver vine blend which more kitties respond to compared to plain catnip.

And that loud crinkle sound keeps them coming back for more ferocious kicks!


Product Details:

  • The cat kicker toy is made from a durable canvas material that’s tough enough to withstand those clawed kicks and won’t immediately fall apart.
  • Two heaping tablespoons of a silver vine and catnip blend are inside - silver vine is often attractive to cats who don’t respond to catnip.
  • The loud crinkle material agitates the kitties even more so they keep kicking.
  • Refresh the catnip scent with a spritz of catnip spray.
  • This Kicker cat toy measures approximately 3x10” (7.5x25cm).

Kicker cat toys are strong and durable, but not indestructible. Check your kitty’s toys often for wear and discard if broken. These cat toys are not tested with dogs so please keep them out of reach of your canine friends.

All Chester & Pearl cat toys are lovingly made by hand in Raleigh, North Carolina. Each toy is individually handmade and unique. The exact details of the toys you receive may differ from the photos.

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